Active Duty Programs


If you or someone you know is a deployed service person serving in harm’s way, we would love to add you to our comfort package mailing list.  You will receive at least one 25 pound box filled with comfort items that you either cannot get from your PX or they just are not the same as what you get back home.  It will also include some letters and drawings from the community members that helped supply the items in your box.

 Please Click on the Heart to add the name of a Military Person to Our Mailing List.  The name will be  e-mailed to with the following information:  the Name of service person,  Complete Address,  Branch of Service,  Male or Female? (some items including toiletries are gender specific), Date of Deployment, Expected Date of Return*,  Your e-mail address.

*Please provide the expected date or return; otherwise the service member will only receive one comfort package.

OSOT America values our service person’s privacy.  Under no circumstances will we share an active duty’s mailing or deployment information.  Please be assured that Operation Support Our Troops ~America strictly adheres to Department of Defense standards and guidelines with respect to mailing/sending packages to our Troops overseas:

  • We do not send unsolicited packages
  • Every package that is sent is at the request of a military person or their loved one
  • We do not publicize in any way or pass on to any person or organization the names that are given to us.


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