Stockings for the Troops

It’s not too soon to start thinking about Christmas!

Many of our troops serving in dangerous locations will be spending Christmas away from their families and friends. Operation Support Our Troops, America likes to help make their holidays a little brighter by sending each name on our list a box full of stockings. They have some to share, and are lovingly reminded that America has not forgotten them.

There are numerous ways that you can help us reach our goal of sending 3,000 filled stockings to our troops again this year.

For those who like to sew, we have a stocking pattern available. We ask that you only use the pattern we designed as it fits inside our mailing box.

Organize a collection drive at work, school, church, club, neighborhood, etc. Please see our “wish list” below. Although most of us aren’t thinking about Christmas in September, this is when we begin filling our stockings in order to get them to the troops by December. Please contact  to schedule a drop off.

Along with every stocking we send is a letter bag filled with signed Christmas cards, blank Christmas cards for the troops to send back home to loved ones, and letters of holiday cheer and appreciation. This is a great activity for those that are unable to get to the warehouse as they can be mailed. Pictures and cards made by children are especially popular with the troops.

Please email the Stocking Committee at stockings4troops@osotamerica.orgfor further information.

Our 2015 Christmas Wish List

  • *AA & AAA Batteries
  • *New CD’s and DVD’s
  • *Fruit Snacks / Fruit Rollups (Individual Packs)
  • *Trail Mix (Individual Packs)
  • *Puzzle / Sudoko Books
  • *Granola Bars / Rice Krispie Bars / Individual Packs of Cookies
  • *Starlight Mints & Holiday Candy
  • *Slim Jims / Beef Jerky (Individually Wrapped)
  • *Licorice / Twizzlers (Individually Wrapped)
  • *Hand Warmers
  • *Unbreakable Christmas Ornaments
  • *I-Tunes Gift Cards
  • *Letters and Cards for the Troops

Click Here to Download the Stocking Flyer