Items Needed

Thank you for helping us to let our troops know that we have not forgotten them!

Please see the list below of items that are out of stock on our shelves and are urgently needed to fill our boxes. 

1. Jelly (30 oz. or less, no glass)
2. Jerky
3. Cans / Jars of Nuts
4. Starlight Mints, Hard Candy, Tootsie Rolls
5. Breakfast Bars
6. Individual Creamer Packets (Hot Drinks)
7. Kleenex – Travel Size
8. Anti Itch Cream
9. Mouthwash (16.9 oz. or less, no glass)
10. Nasal Spray
11. Antacids (rolls or 100 ct. or less)
12. Body Lotion / Body Wash (12 oz.. or less)
13. Dryer Sheets
14. Shaving Cream / Razors
15. Individual Cold Drink Mix (Gatorade, Propel, Lemonade Singles)
16. Individual Hot Drink Mix (Hot Chocolate, Coffee Singles) / Tea Bags
17. Dried Fruit (Raisins, Cran Raisins, Trail Mix, etc.)
18. Multi Pack Toothbrushes
19. Toiletries (Motel Shampoo, Body Lotion, Conditioner, Mouthwash, Hand Sanitizer)
20. Non-Chocolate Candy Bars (M&M’s, Pay Day, Twizzlers, Starburst, etc.)
21. Deodorant (no aerosol cans)
22. White Athletic Socks
22. Ink Pens



1. Pain medication (100 ct. or less)
2. Twizzlers
3. Ramen Packs
4. AA Batteries
5. Chewing Gum
6. Cough Drops / Vitamin C Drops
7. Eye Drops / Saline Solution
8. Toothpaste (large / Small)
9. Granola Bars 
10. Summer Items (Sunscreen, Lip Balm, Flyswatters)


Baker’s Dozen Listing

As the needs of the military change due to smaller and fewer bases and less area for storage, we too must adapt what we are putting in our packages.  The requests are for more food items and I-Tunes cards has been expressed to us and so in an attempt to honor the needs of our troops we will no longer be accepting books, magazines, CD’s or DVD’s to include in the packages. By no means does this suggest that those still deployed do not continue to need our support and we hope that we can continue to count on you to show our military they are not forgotten. Please see below for our current list of most needed items and note that this list does change often.  If you are organizing a collection, please Click Here for our collection guideline document in Word format and be sure to contact prior to starting your collection.  To deliver a collection to our warehouse, please contact for the address and to arrange a date/time for delivery.  Thank you!!


1. Toilet Paper / Foot Powder 
2. Slim Jims
3. Fruit Snacks
4. Individual Boxes of Cereal
5. Rice Krispie Bars
6. Crackers (12 oz. box or less)
7. Quart / Gallon size Ziplock baggies
8. Snack Crackers / Snack Cookies (Individually wrapped)
9. Soup / Chili / Canned Pasta
10. Dental Floss
11. Snack Trail Mix
12. Feminine Products
13. Hand Sanitizer


Please do not donate glass items, larger sizes than listed or expired itemsNo prepacked boxes can be accepted.
Thank you for helping us support our troops!!

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