Returning Veterans


From time to time, OSOT America volunteers at the two warehouses are blessed and honored to welcome visiting “Heroes in the House”,
returning military heroes who are home . . . sometimes just on leave . . . from deployment.

July 2011: Kyle and Randy Granath

July 2011: Tammie and Edward Zegar

Aug. 2011 - Steve Gauger & Proud Parents

Aug. 2011 - Joe Doyle with Parents Tom and Deb

Oct. 2011 - Trace Plotezka (IL National Guard), his mom Denise, and cousin Kyle Plotezka (US Army)

Oct. 2011 - COL Greg Perchatsch and wife Donna

Nov. 2011 - Kevin Leonard and his sister in law Amy Leonard

Nov. 2011 - Luke Smith

Jan. 2012 - Andrew Gagner and his mother, Suzanne

Feb., 2012 - CPT James Hart, wife Beth and son Aiden

March 2012 - Alex Metzger and his Mom, Kathy

April, 2012 - SPC James DeLoach & Mom Diane Mateja

June, 2012 - Chuck Martinez with his wife Nicole, son Matthew and mom (OSOT America member), Josie

June, 2012 - Sean, Sarah and Braydon Kalseth (Sarah is an OSOT America member)

June, 2012 - Larry Husketh with his wife Lauren and her mom Joyce Roberts (both are OSOT America members)

June, 2012 - Brian Sheehan with his son, Jackson and his mom, Debbie (an OSOT America member)

August, 2012 - Tim & Sara Plackett with their sons, Thomas & Aidan

Sept. 2012 - Joe Velasco is in black, his mom is on the left of him, the lady with the big smile!

October, 2012 - Jacob, Megan, & Kale Krueger

October, 2012 - Franny & Kris Lanz

October, 2012 - Robert Hennessy with Joyce Roberts

November, 2012 - Max Wasserman and Mom

March, 2013 - Kyle Carlson and Mom

March, 2013 - James Antonides with wife, daughter & parents

April, 2013 - Kevin Pavnica, with wife, parents and sister

May, 2013 - Rick and Alicia Goetschel

Sept., 2013 - SPC Robert Anderson with Mom, Nancy & Dad, Paul

Welcome Home!

October, 2013 - Geroge Hamilton and Mario Niño, both US Army

Welcome Home!



Richard Andrade and family - July, 2011

Brian Lutz and family - July, 2011

Pat and Jacquie Moore - July, 2011

Ron, Ryan and Kim Darin - Novermber, 2011

Matt and Nancy Baier - December, 2011

Jim Schroeder, US Navy, with Annette - May, 2012

Kyle Tomasino and his Mom, Kathy - September, 2012

KJoe Riehle and his proud family! - January, 2013

Matt Nelson and wife Jen! - January, 2013

Kevin with his Mom and fiancée Maitlyn - May, 2013

OSOT America Stephanie McKenzie with John Ediscul - May, 2013

Ryan Darin, son of OSOT America members Ron & Kim Darin, just returned from Afghanistan - May, 2013

CPT Netzel by his mom Aleida and with brother Anthony (both OSOT America members) - June, 2013

Andrew McDaniel, US Army, just returned from a deployment in Afghanistan. His mom, Debbie Behrends is an OSOT America member. Niece Emily also pictured. August, 2013

Daniel Garcia, USMC, recently completed his active duty service. Daniel's parents, Steve & Cass Garcia are members of OSOT America. August, 2013

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