Allen J. Lynch Foundation

About the Foundation

The Foundation is set up to provide stop-gap funding so that the veteran is capable of continuing the recovery or education process.  Individuals will receive a gift, not a loan, that is intended to be a one-time event.  A majority of the Board of Directors for the Foundation must approve each request for assistance after the veteran has been vetted, usually by another veterans’ service organization.

We envision that through raising funds from donors wanting to help our veterans we can then share that generosity with those we encounter or are referred to us by a veterans’ servicing organization. The request for support is evaluated by the board of directors and a majority must agree with the approach chosen or the plan must be re-worked until approval is received.

The Lynch Foundation does not disperse cash. We will pay rent, a motel bill, medical expenses, food, educational expenses not covered by others, even travel costs – but only to the service provider. Cash is too easily “re-prioritized” by someone in an already stressful situation so we avoid that by paying the bill ourselves.

A point of importance here is that the board members are true volunteers – no one is paid for their time or travel. Office and normal business expenses are reimbursed to the board member after approval by two other board members. There is not a per diem payment for meetings or events – it is a gift from each board member. Individually a board member may decide to personally support a board function or even a portion of the program for a veteran -these are personal choices and thus are not reimbursed by the board.

We also do not – and will not – contract with “for hire” fund raisers and organizations that charge a fee for the donations provided. That is money not spent on the veteran and thus anathema to us.


To learn more about the Allen J. Lynch Foundation, please visit

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