Job Info & Tips For Vets

 Here is an important guide that provides a helpful look at how to navigate the job market, the piece also includes tips and resources to help job seekers begin their search:  Please Click Here

Below is one of the best links I have come across. It explains pension benefits. At the very bottom of the article are links on other areas that we get frequently asked questions. Click on those links for some information that may apply to your situation.

60% of Veterans don’t know what benefits they have earned. We are trying to educate the Veterans.

Once again let me emphasize that when you file a claim make sure you do it through an accredited Veteran Service Officer. If you have any questions or I can help in anyway please call me.  Mike Barbour

Veterans Benefits Explained

Below is the link to VA Benefits for 2013. At the risk of being a nag let me reiterate again:

  •  Any benefits that you get from the VA be it healthcare, pension or compensation is a benefit that you earned when you put on the uniform to defend this country. IT IS NOT AN ENTITLEMENT.
  •  If you file a claim for benefits make sure you go through an accredited Veterans Service Officer. They will act as your advocate for that claim.  2013 VA Benefits

For all who are seeking employment here is some good information I found. In helping Veterans I have seen many of these common mistakes. This also applies to the civilan work force to. Please pass this on to anyone that you think would benefit.  10 Ways To Screw Up A Job Search

Did you know that VA for Vets career coaches are available to ignite your job search? More than 100 coaches provide free expert guidance to Veteran job seekers, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Coaches provide:

  • Guidance for using theCareerCenterand other resources
  • Application, resume and cover letter reviews
  • Interview preparation
  • Follow-up support to keep you on track to reach your career goals

Thousands of Veterans have received VA for Vets coaching services to transition to the civilian workforce. Explore the VA for Vets Career Center and begin working with a coach by calling 1-855-824-8387

(TTY: 1-855-824-8833).

The Veteran Employment Services Office (VESO) oversees VA for Vets, a comprehensive career management program that enables Veterans to successfully join the civilian workforce. To learn more, visit

Get the latest VA for Vets news by joining the conversation on LinkedIn andFacebook. Sign up for the VA Employment ListServ.

Do you need a job search or career transition plan in case you lose your job in the near future? If so, please join us for the monthly networking meeting of the:

Crossroads Career Network Ministry

Tuesdays 7:00 pm – 9:00pm

Eola Community Center & Library
555 S. Eola Road, Room 111
Aurora, IL 60504

No prior registration required for this FREE skills training & networking meeting

For more information, call George Carson at 630-675-4509.  Directions: ½ mile north of intersection of Eola Rd & Ogden Ave on west side of road in large red brick building. Room 111, where meeting is being held, is on north end of building. If the parking lot is full, please feel free to use the adjoining church parking lot on the south end of the building.


Below are some valuable links to Veterans benefits and preferences when applying for Federal jobs.

Veterans Benefits

Veterans Preferences

Job Fair Tips

More Tips:

  • Your Job Interview: Practice Interviews Make Perfect Interviews – Click Here
  • Job Hunting: 3 Tips on What We Do Right – Click Here
  • Military Skills – Translater – Click Here
The VA launched a new hotline, 1-855-VA-WOMEN or 1-855-829-6636, to respond to questions from women veterans, families and caregivers about the many VA services and resources available to women veterans. The new hotline joins numerous other VA hotlines that provide critical information and assistance to all veterans, such as those in crises or in danger of becoming homeless. Learn more at and

Read more:



The following tips and techniques for Veteran job applicants was compiled by OSOT America member and past VFW Post 3873 Commander Mike Barbour.  The topics are informative, helpful and orientated toward the Veteran.  Documents are available in both Word (*.docx) and Adobe Reader (*.pdf) formats.

Word (docx) and Adobe Reader (PDF) Formats

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