Holiday Stocking Drive

Help Make the Holidays a Little Brighter for Troops Serving in Harm’s Way!

Santa’s Workshop will be underway soon! There are many ways you can help. We will need donations of items to fill the stockings, see the list below. For questions regarding donations of items, please contact Kevin T. Krause at or by cell at 630-251-1318.


We also need volunteers to sew stockings, as we send out over 4,000 stockings during the holiday season. In order for troops to get everything in time we need all items by mid-October. For questions regarding volunteers to sew stockings, please email



CLICK HERE to print the flyer.



“To Operation Support Our Troops!


You guys are the STAR and I admire each and every one of you!  Than you for taking your time and resources to send us all these gifts (candies/cookies/products)  We appreciate them very much.  Thank you for helping us in your prayers.  May God bless you and the organization with all the things you do.  Thank you for spreading the joys and happiness around the world!