Give Monthly and Make a Difference in the Lives of Military Men and Women Today.

Monthly Giving Using a Credit Card

Make a monthly donation via credit card to Operation Support Our Troops-America and you will join others like you who support our military community. To sign up, click on the box to make a one-time gift or a recurring gift. Make sure to check with your employer and find out if they offer gift matching to allow your donation to go even further.


OSOT-America has shipped over 2.1 million pounds of comfort and care items to troops serving in harm’s way. Help us continue supporting deployed military members serving in harm’s way in dangerous places across the globe. With your help you can help cover our shipping costs as each box weighs over 25 pounds and is meant for 10 troops to share. Each month we send out hundreds of boxes to troops serving in dangerous places, your support means we can continue to serve those who serve our country.


With the concern around the COVID-19 pandemic, our donations are down significantly, yet the need to support our military continues to grow as they are being stretched further than ever before. Your monthly gift can help us respond to requests for urgent supplies needed for military men and women in the field.


$18 Each Month Ships 6 Boxes a Year!

$36 Each Month Covers the Shipping Cost of 1 Box Per Month (12 Boxes Over One Year)!

$72 Each Month Covers the Shipping Cost of 2 Care Packages Per Month (24 Per Year)!

$144 Ships 4 Boxes Per Month (48 Per Year)!



“Dear OSOT America,
Thank you for the care package.  Organizations such as yours help keep moral within our ranks.  Believe it or not, in my 18 years of service this is the first care package I received so I was kind of shocked but happy!  Also, the two shirts that were in the box with all the other excellent goodies were a good fit and welcomed.  My time here in Kuwait is almost up.  Count down till my company gets home is now less than 100 days.  I’m more excited to get home to my children, who haven’t seen me since August of 2019.  Also, my platoon says thank you for the treats.  I always share with my team!”


Become a Member of Our Monthly Giving Program For 3 Months and We Will Send You a T-shirt!

After donating for three months you can receive a special OSOT Angels T-shirt if you would like one. All donations are tax-deductible as we are a 501 (c)3 organization with the highest possible ratings from charity watchdog organizations.

To receive a t-shirt you must contribute for at least 3 consecutive months at the $18 amount or higher. You can change or stop your monthly donation at any time. To make changes, give us a call at 630-971-1150 or email us at

Monthly Giving Using PayPal

Make a monthly donation via PayPal to Operation Support Our Troops-America and you will join others like you who support our military community.


Every donation makes a difference in the lives of our military men and women. Please make a One Time Gift if you are not able to make a monthly commitment.

Monthly Giving By Writing a Check

If you would like to make a monthly donation by writing a check and sending it to us by mail, please CLICK HERE to print out a form to send with your check. Or you can call the office at 630-971-1150 to set it up.