Allen J. Lynch Medal of Honor Veteran’s Assistance Program

The Allen J. Lynch Medal of Honor Veteran’s Assistance Program was founded in the spirit of Veterans Helping Veterans. Our program provides ‘last chance’ assistance to Veterans experiencing hardship. All Veterans requesting assistance must demonstrate their need with honesty and have a sustainability plan. If awarded assistance, it is in the form of a one-time grant. The primary goal is to not only prevent Veteran homelessness, but also to remove a Veteran from homelessness through assistance with rent and utility bills which allows for the use of a HUD-VASH voucher to secure or maintain residency. Other areas of needs will also be considered by the committee.


Please note, you must provide documentation that supports your request for assistance to move forward in the application process. Additionally, you must show how you will maintain your situation after receiving assistance. One-time grants are always sent directly to the organization the Veteran is obligated to. Areas of need MUST always match the hardship and include documented proof and the request must make economic sense.

Allen J. Lynch Medal of Honor Program
Allen J. Lynch

About Allen J. Lynch, Medal of Honor Recipient

“My friend and colleague, John Schwan and I started discussing how unfortunate it is that so many veterans fall through the cracks because they don’t need a lot of help, just a little to get them over the bumps in the road that they are experiencing. We thought an organization was needed to help fill that gap and then we formed the Allen J. Lynch Medal of Honor Veteran’s Assistance Program to help veterans in need.”, said Allen J. Lynch Medal of Honor Recipient.
Allen Lynch has been helping veterans since his discharge from active duty. He served his fellow veterans while working with the Federal Veterans Administration as well as the Illinois State Government Veterans department. He continued to serve with the U.S. Army Reserve and the Illinois National Guard and retired after 21 years of service. Allen served with Company D, 1st Battalion of the 12th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) from 31 May 1967 until 1 June 1968. He had been “in-country” for six months when the action took place that would result in his receiving the Medal of Honor. The recognition of his conspicuous gallantry and selfless service to others on that day would be the catalyst for a life of service to others. CLICK HERE to learn more about Mr. Lynch and hear his story through the You Tube video provided by the Medal of Honor Book.

Veterans Services

Through collaborative efforts with partnering organizations, our program offers opportunities for Veteran hiring in meaningful careers. If you need help developing a strong resume or you need assistance with interview soft skills, please indicate this in your application request or simply CLICK HERE to contact our program director.




I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for your attention, patience and assistance in these matters. It’s not easy to reach out in a time of need, but you never made me feel any the less. I truly appreciate the efforts of the Allen Lynch MOH Veteran Assistance Program. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God Bless.”


-U.S. Army Veteran


One year ago today I had moved back home to Rockford after living in Seattle for the last 12 years. I came home after work at the Puget Sound Navel Shipyard had slowed greatly. I came home with the idea that I had a job waiting for me but that just did not happen. So I was forced to check in at the Rockford Rescue Mission men’s shelter . I have since received my VA Vash voucher, have my own apartment and I have a job now. The Allen J Lynch program made that possible, so now I am no longer homeless and have employment. Thank you to the AJL MOH Veteran’s Assistance Program.


-U.S. Navy Veteran

How to Apply for Assistance

Please note: You must have applied to at least THREE other organizations for assistance before applying to the Allen J. Lynch Medal of Honor Veteran’s Assistance Program–No Exceptions. Please create a list of organizations and apply for assistance with those organizations first. It is only after they have said no that you can apply through our program.

Click on the button below to begin the process of applying for assistance. All details on documentation needed will be listed on the page.